Maintenet cerca Facilities Coordinator (Coordinatore servizi di Manutenzione)

Azienda: Maintenet
Data annuncio: 01/12/2016
Sede di lavoro: Pescara

Assists the Facilities Organization in all aspects of project implementation.

Coordinates all given facilities activities, work direction and support systems.

Manages the CMMS system including receiving work requests, assigning work orders, entering system, datas, and providing the overall system administration.

Maintains and supports the update of administrative policies and processes.

Sets up, maintains and organizes department's central files and information.

Prepars and maintains contracts and documents.

Manages requests of interventions by international clients in accordance with Company procedures and agreed SLA.

Manages relationships with the Clients to optimize service and reliability.

Prepares periodical reports, quotations and looks at contracts with international sub-vednors. Evaluates sub-vendors and negotiaties prices.

Daily proceeds in acouting for new technicians within the indicated markets according to company specifications and quality standards.

Reviews and negotiates better Service Level Agreements with Technicians

Has a technical sensibility and strong organizational skilss


actually based in Abruzzi or Marche

Experience 1 year minimum in facilities management (technical maintenance)

Full Knowledge of English

Attitude to be Always ready and reactive also out of working hours, 365/365

Background: Engineer or equivalent  

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